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(study)Vincent van Gogh Fourteen Sunflowers Oil Painting

First year, I want to choose a class which is not high in language. Just as I was interested in oil painting, I simply went to painting basic oil painting.

The first assignment is to familiarize yourself with the colors. So we have this: complementary colors charts


Then the next lesson is to use the eight colors in one of the tables (5 warm 3 cold or 5 cold 3 warm) to draw still life.

So I drew this:


Praised! In the words of foreign students, there are all kinds of paintings. Some of them are like children's paintings.

And then... It's the art of painting the world famous paintings! After all, the school is next to the Boston museum. Unfortunately, I got the water lilies of monet.

I've drawn this ghost.


And the original picture looks like this:


I'm painting full color static recently. I wish I could get an A on the final.


Vincent van Gogh Fourteen Sunflowers Oil Painting


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