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Javier Gonzalez Pacheco about erotic watercolor

It is not known how old this artist is, but one can guess the characters and themes of his paintings. There are among them - Batman, the hero of the cult film, and a brave policeman in a civilian cloak - Nesh Bridges, and very emotional children, and astronauts who have long since flown off to the ends of the universe, but most of all girls are always beautiful and almost always naked. Also quite enough erotic scenes with their direct participation. From the above, a logical conclusion arises - or the artist has just come off from childhood, or it has permanently settled in his soul.




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Contrary to this conclusion, a high level is reached - it is the use of watercolors that makes such conclusions. The taming of this material is by the forces only true professionals. But the watercolor of Javier is not simple - it is an ordinary discord, because it combines the amazing qualities of these colors with the possibilities of digital contemporary art.

Javier Gonzalez Pacheco received academic training in Barcelona, his hometown. He is grateful to the fate that he grew up among the legacy left by Gaudi, and this could not but affect his work. Bright colors, geometric elements and orderly chaos become the frame of all his works, but, most of all, fit exactly the female erotic portrait. All the heroines are very dynamic, expressive, almost alive. And for the image they create, it's more than pleasant. Thanks to Barcelona, watercolors, Gaudi, but the greatest thanks are to the talent of the impulsive Spaniard, whose hand, in fact, keeps this hot brush.
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