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Petrov Mikhail Olegovich Water, water, around the water!

And the second part of the paintings by Petrov Mikhail Olegovich. Here, without the philosophy of the universe, but simply positive for the sake of.
I wanted only to take away the winter, but, comrades, summer is coming soon!
And therefore let our life be in all its water diversity - both the snow and the sea.
And I put the pictures together. And do not get bored to. ))
Long live the cycle of water in nature!



Since morning frost ... The picture is good:
Puffed, sitting on the branches of birds,
A cloud - funny turtles -
Crawl on the edge of the sky slowly.

Not a breeze. As if the fireflies,
The rays sparkle on a diamond crumb ...
I'm in the mood, sunny cat,
I feed the bliss of January from my hand,

And he is about to end,
And he will sing his romances of a blizzard,
Begin February-shabby chasing in a circle
Snowflake naughty dance,

And there the spring heat will charm,
There will come a long-awaited happiness summer ...
So day after day the planet rotates
And gives a fairy tale under the name "life".

Lana Mayskaya








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