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Even a great musician, sitting at the piano, which is not tuned ...



Even a great musician,
Sitting at the piano, which is not customized
He will not show his talent -
In battle, he is no longer a "warrior"!
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Before a responsible jump,
Standing on the edge of the cliff -
SET UP, swing wing -
The flight will turn out beautiful!

And remember the violin of Paganini,
Played on the same string
Since then no one has been able, until now
BUILD ON that wave!


CONFIGURING, we listen to Bach -
The organic spirit inside sounds,
There is no limit to its scope
And the sound, DESIGNED, flies!

SETTING - there is our mood!
Do not do useful things
Even if there is a skill,
Is there an exit? Or the limit?

How it is a lot and so little -
Have a SET in your soul!
I have already said a lot,
So do not worry, already!

Edward Batty

 Galina Demina