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Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal

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Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal


... To tears, bewailing love,
you wished to give eternal life ...
you ... caught time in the beauty network,
and a formless death crowned
immortality of form.
The secret you are in the night silence
Told you in the ear of your beloved,
Stores now a stone
In his eternal silence.
... the marble still whispers to the stars:
"I remember".
 Rabindranath Tagore
"Finally came the long-awaited day. A magnificent cavalcade was heading for the Taj Mahal. A shah was riding ahead on a white horse. The Shah drove alone under the carved archway. The gate behind him closed. Deserted paths, light haze, silence ... A high fence separated him from his subjects. Only He and She. He is still in this world. She is in another.
This monument-mausoleum tells of the tender love of the Muslim king of the Great Moguls Shah Jahan to his wife - the fabulous beauty Mumtaz Mahal.

Shah Jahan was still a prince when, at the beginning of the 17th century, he married a nineteen-year-old girl.

 The young couple tenderly loved each other. Despite the fact that Shah Jahan, like any Eastern ruler, had a big harem, he was so in love with his young wife that he paid no attention to other women.
The beloved wife gave birth to her lord eight sons and six daughters. But ... Soon after the birth of the fourteenth child, the beautiful Mumtaz did not become ...
The grief of Shah Jahan was so great that he wanted to commit suicide. Life without his beloved seemed to him devoid of meaning and joy. At the deathbed of his wife, the king turned gray with grief ... And soon announced a two-year mourning in the country, during which holidays, dances and music were banned. Later, in Agra, then the Martin Beaupré paintings

capital of the Mogul Empire, a mausoleum ascended over the grave of Mumtaz, which according to the plan of Shah Jahan should become a symbol of the fabulous beauty of his deceased wife ...
 As often happens in history, by the will of fate, the king suddenly lost his power. And, once the great Shah Jahan, the ruler of India, was imprisoned in heavy chains and thrown into prison ... He was seriously ill, gray, lonely and exhausted ... Once he owned the whole world, now he had nothing .. Nothing but a single joy - a narrow prison window. It did not see the endless valleys of its native land, nor the dark bush of mango trees, nor the golden sunrise of the tender sun ... In the small window frame, only he was visible-like a dream, shining like a snow-white swan in the sky, the mausoleum of his long-dead beloved. .. Soon the great and defeated king himself was buried in the same tomb, next to his beloved ...

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