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Kölner Dom 'Cologne Cathedral

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Kölner Dom 'Cologne Cathedral

Yesterday, Sunday was at the Cologne Cathedral.

Cologne Cathedral is a very beautiful sight, both externally and internally, I was left very enthusiastic about what I saw.

I propose to see the photos I made myself. Not everywhere it turned out well, well, what can you do, I'm not a pro.

The square in front of the cathedral.

Well, and a little building around and opposite the Cathedral.

This is such an interesting pen on the door of the Cathedral itself.

There is a legend that when the construction of the Cathedral is completed - it will collapse. Apparently, therefore, since Michael Cheval art for sale

the XIII century construction has not stopped and restoration work is being conducted all the time. And during the Second World War, when the city was bombed, the Cathedral was the only building that went around shells. Not because English and American pilots felt sorry for this symbol of the former greatness of the city. Just a huge building served as a good guide in the city, turned into ruins.

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