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GOLDEN SERIES 100 GREAT .... site where you can find those who left a bright mark in history

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GOLDEN SERIES 100 GREAT .... site where you can find those who left a bright mark in history

A wonderful site where all those who left the brightest trace in history are gathered .... GOLDEN SERIES 100 GREAT ....

100 Great Writers
100 Great Composers
100 Great Battles
100 Great Phenomena
100 great seafarers
100 Great Prisoners
100 Great Theaters of the World
100 Great Russians
100 great travelers
100 Great Nature Wonders

100 Great Reserves and Parks
100 Great Monuments
100 great foreign films
100 Great Scouts
100 Great Books
100 great scientists
100 Great Stories of Love
100 Great Dynasties
100 great people
100 great myths and legends

100 great directors
100 Great Museums of the World
100 Great Cossacks
100 great athletes
100 Great Secrets of the Third Reich
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100 Great Air Crashes
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100 Great Holidays
100 Great Nobel Laureates
100 great generals of the Middle Ages
100 great artists
100 Great Riddles of History
100 Great Idols of the 20th Century

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Kölner Dom 'Cologne Cathedral

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Kölner Dom 'Cologne Cathedral

Yesterday, Sunday was at the Cologne Cathedral.

Cologne Cathedral is a very beautiful sight, both externally and internally, I was left very enthusiastic about what I saw.

I propose to see the photos I made myself. Not everywhere it turned out well, well, what can you do, I'm not a pro.

The square in front of the cathedral.

Well, and a little building around and opposite the Cathedral.

This is such an interesting pen on the door of the Cathedral itself.

There is a legend that when the construction of the Cathedral is completed - it will collapse. Apparently, therefore, since Michael Cheval art for sale

the XIII century construction has not stopped and restoration work is being conducted all the time. And during the Second World War, when the city was bombed, the Cathedral was the only building that went around shells. Not because English and American pilots felt sorry for this symbol of the former greatness of the city. Just a huge building served as a good guide in the city, turned into ruins.



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Residents of the Old World are rightly proud of castles and fortresses, many of which were built eight or nine centuries ago.

Trim Castle, Ireland.

Hluboká nad Vltavou Castle, Czech Republic

Eileen Donan Castle, Scotland

Telč Castle, Czech Republic

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Turaida Castle, Sigulda, Latvia

Slaine Castle, Ireland

Castle Sully-sur-Loire, Loire Valley, France

Bunratty Castle, Ireland

Medieval fortress Lenner Gogli paintings for sale

, Turin, Italy

Vyborg Castle, Russia

Lovely Wanderer